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Gregory B. Davis Foundation

Gregory Davis The Gregory B. Davis Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2000 to preserve the memory and legacy of Gregory B. Davis.

About Gregory

A native of Garysburg, North Carolina, Gregory died in March 2000 while residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Gregory understood the power of knowledge and the link between health, wellness, and making positive lifestyle choices for achieving success. From childhood in rural North Carolina farming community to adulthood as a successful corporate executive in Atlanta, Georgia, Gregory knew the challenges and pain of coping in difficult times. Faced with the diminishing health of his dad and his mother's respite care needs, he was very involved in the family's efforts to secure resources to help enhance the quality of their lives. Gregory was also very involved in community-related and charitable causes and was a strong supporter of the Arts in Atlanta metropolitan area.

Given his awareness of the health and lifestyles outcomes for many population groups, he expressed a keen interest in supporting programs targeting adolescents with HIV/AIDS and their families; providing educational opportunities for youth living in rural, underserved communities, and respite programs for caregivers of persons with debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's.

GBDF Mission Statement To enhance the lives of youth and their families through the development and support of health related and educational programs and initiatives.

Objective and Purpose The Objective of the Gregory B. Davis Foundation is to support healthy life choices and well-being for rural and medically challenged families, caregivers, and youth affected by HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's and other debilitating illnesses. GBDF also assists in providing access to academic and life skills opportunities.

These objectives are met by:

  • Conducting and/or supporting research at the policy level;
  • Collaborations with the Ribbon of Hope Program funded by GlaxoSmithKline, the National Minority AIDS Council, the North Carolina Rural Health Group, the American Psychological Association, Office on AIDS, and other progressive public health organizations.
  • Offering programs directed at social action and documented community-based needs and problems; and
  • Designing informational activities for the youth, older adults and the community-at-large.
Special Initiatives Through the Board of Advisors and the Advisory Committee, GBDF has been involved in various initiatives and identified some key needs of populations in eastern North Carolina and beyond. Some of the key activities established include:
  • Annual HIV/AIDS CARE Basket Drive and Fundraiser;
  • Gregory B. Davis Memorial Academic Incentive Fund;
  • Annual College Day;
  • GBDF 4-H Trail Blazer Awards for 4-Hers competing at the State level (e.g., Gregory was a three time national 4-H winner in the areas of landscaping and public speaking);
  • Community health forums;
  • Community health clinics;
  • Recreational activities at area Nursing Homes; and,
  • Annual Valentine's Day Jazz Benefit Gala.
Read more about our initiatives here: Health and Education

While GBDF has made some significant strides during this developmental phase, the foundation is looking forward to providing more support and services to individuals and families in need in the coming years.
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